They Wash Away (85sec)

Flash Fiction Video

Some people ask me why I fish. I tell ’em I like it.

But that’s like saying — it’s like if someone asked you why you breathe and you said, you like it.

The real reason is mostly not about the activity of fishing.

For lack of a better word, it’s how I stay “connected.”

Some folks might call it connecting to Mother Nature. Others might say it’s connecting with their spiritual self or a higher power, or their idea of God.

But whatever it is, it connects with me — or I connect to it — through the water.

Anyway, when I’m fishing, when I’m out here in the water, my troubles — they wash away.

So, when you ask why I go fishing. You’d be missing the point if you just accepted the answer that “I like it.”

You see, I also like breathing. But that’s not why I breathe.