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  • Fence Hopping
    Young boys do stupid things. I was no exception. Back then if you had asked, “What was I thinking?” I could only reply that I wasn’t. In retrospect, my justification was being a city kid in the winter, duly enrolled in the school of hard knocks.
  • A Doctor’s Story
    He didn’t die suddenly. You could say it was a progression towards intimate judgment.
  • Train Running
    Each instant — while jumping from the top of one moving train car to the next — inspires an intoxication of worldly detachment and a paradoxical dichotomy.
  • Century Man
    What surprises me most was not how its past intimidation had diminished (dying used to seem daunting), but how mundane the notion had become after contemplating it for so long.
  • Guardian Mechanic
    Pain. It was never a stranger. When they were still together, Freda once said he not only had a high tolerance for it, he seemed to embrace it. Her comment was made after he crashed his motorcycle on a rural backroad and pushed the bike a mile home with a freshly broken arm to grab…