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  • The Liar
    If someone tells a fabricated or unreal story, yet appears sincere, would you describe that person as simply a liar, or insane? Sometimes it’s transparent. Like the time a guy approached me downtown and told me his car ran out of gas in the middle of the road a block away and asked for gas…
  • Transcendence Advisor
    “Say that again?” The golf-shirt guy with grey hair and a few too many beers put his glass down on the hotel bar, drifted his red eyes to the new arrival and slightly slurred his question. “You do WHAT for a living?” The sports-jacket guy responded, “I take it you’re not here for the symposium?”…
  • Fence Hopping
    Young boys do stupid things. I was no exception. Back then if you had asked, “What was I thinking?” I could only reply that I wasn’t. In retrospect, my justification was being a city kid in the winter, duly enrolled in the school of hard knocks.
  • A Doctor’s Story
    He didn’t die suddenly. You could say it was a progression towards intimate judgment.
  • Train Running
    Each instant — while jumping from the top of one moving train car to the next — inspires an intoxication of worldly detachment and a paradoxical dichotomy.