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  • Surviving Another Day
    There was only one way this would end. That’s the problem with getting backed into a corner. Even though where I was temporarily staying should have been unknown to anyone who mattered — an alternative escape route should have been envisioned. Right now there was no opportunity for evasion. I could meet them out in…
  • A Pact
    Dear reader, I ask for your forgiveness in advance. We have not properly met, and yet here I am insinuating myself into your thoughts. I wish I could say this process was benign. Sure, we can agree your life involves many activities and this moment we share right now will soon be forgotten.
  • Burnman
    The first time a coworker called him Burnman, it stuck. He rode a motorcycle, followed football as a religion, drank fast, and had short relationships with a parade of women who seemed to have nothing in common with each other, or himself. The name was memorialized by a waitress who witnessed him inadvertently burn himself…
  • Young Gun
    With one glance, Jarvis knew something was going down. Call it a premonition, if you must, for certainly there was nothing apparent that warranted such a feeling. He was exiting the General Store and looked across and down the dusty street to his next stop: the Saloon. It was before noon and for the several…
  • Last Flight to Philly
    Rory didn’t know it, but this was his last time flying to Philadelphia. Which could be considered a good thing for someone who didn’t like flying. Or Philly. Or winter. Or his job.