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  • Burnman
    The first time a coworker called him Burnman, it stuck. He rode a motorcycle, followed football as a religion, drank fast, and had short relationships with a parade of women who seemed to have nothing in common with each other, or himself. The name was memorialized by a waitress who witnessed him inadvertently burn himself…
  • Young Gun
    With one glance, Jarvis knew something was going down. Call it a premonition, if you must, for certainly there was nothing apparent that warranted such a feeling. He was exiting the General Store and looked across and down the dusty street to his next stop: the Saloon. It was before noon and for the several…
  • Last Flight to Philly
    Rory didn’t know it, but this was his last time flying to Philadelphia. Which could be considered a good thing for someone who didn’t like flying. Or Philly. Or winter. Or his job.
  • Reminiscence
    Waiting. Frustration. Brittany stepped back into the warm, rural home. “What’s taking dad so long?” Her mom was unconcerned. “The snow probably slowed him.” “That truck will go through anything and he’s never been this late, even in bigger storms.” Brittany was not one to stifle irritation. Her mom added some spices to the casserole…
  • The Liar
    If someone tells a fabricated or unreal story, yet appears sincere, would you describe that person as simply a liar, or insane? Sometimes it’s transparent. Like the time a guy approached me downtown and told me his car ran out of gas in the middle of the road a block away and asked for gas…