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  • Girl Hate
    “I hate him.” Kelly was unpersuasive. “You say that about all your guys.” Veronica continued stocking crackers. “I hate him the most.” Kelly opened another case of Trader Joe’s crackers and quickly placed them on the shelf. “Last week you loved him the most.” “Yea, well, that was then.” Veronica chuckled, tossing a bag of…
  • Dear Life,
    Dear Life, I’m writing to express my dissatisfaction with the recent years you’ve provided. Frankly, they haven’t lived up to the marketing brochure that lured me into this existence. As a prelude to writing this letter, I decided to finally review the terms and conditions of our agreement, and I’m now concerned that the whole…
  • Pepper Spray Grandmas
    In the heart of Greenwood Apartments, four grandmothers – Edna, Mildred, Rose, and Alice – lived independently, on different floors. A series of robberies left them shaken and vulnerable. The incidents peaked just over a year ago on a Wednesday night when they were on their way to bingo at the corner Senior Center. Earlier,…
  • Supernatural Reversion
    Regardless of what you’ve heard about the practice, or your opinion of the results, or even to whom it’s most associated, Supernatural Reversion was developed by anthropologist Dr. Ernst Von Kampf. In his own words, he conceived it to “Help individuals experience the pure essence of their spiritual heritage.” Although his teachings and practice are…
  • Party Bounce
    When I repeatedly fell flat on my back — and sides, shoulders, knees and head — it wasn’t a complete surprise. I mean, when was the last time you tried to walk through one of those bounce house inflatable play structures? You know, the kind you see at children’s birthday parties, work picnics and local…