Destiny of Resolution


Lucy awoke New Year’s Day contemplating her ambivalence for resolutions. On the one hand, she considered them a benign amusement: an indulgence to one’s imagination.

On the other hand, she also thought that truly attempting to alter one’s future in a meaningful way automatically set one up for an inevitable failure against the prevailing force of destiny. So, why bother?

And generally, she didn’t.

But last night she joined a few coworkers at a small get-together and not only did the topic arise, but the host suggested the four of them should propose a toast that included a personal resolution.

In turn, she raised her glass and announced, “This year, I’m going to get a motorcycle, quit my job, and travel the United States for the summer, visiting National Parks.” She was a bit surprised when the words came out and considered the champagne had informed her pronouncement.

It’s true that she wanted to do just that, in the same way she also wanted to learn to play piano. But she didn’t anticipate that she’d ever do either.

A bit of discomfort visited when the other girls applauded her resolution. It was apparent they thought she was serious. Their encouraging attention left her feeling — at least for an instant — that the notion was possible.

But when the reality of morning imposed itself on her memories from the evening before, she was dismayed that she ever opened her mouth. Then she got a text from Becky, with a photo of a motorcycle. “Let’s go look at bikes this week. I want to talk about going with you.”

Lucy lazily got out of bed, made some coffee and decided to not quash Becky’s hopes. She replied, “OK, next Saturday at 10am.” Lucy sipped while admiring the motorbike, Who am I to mess with destiny?

by George Alger


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