You need more leads and sales.

There’s three primary ways to get them:

1) You create a sales funnel and generate traffic (often through online advertising, SEO, content marketing, social marketing, referrals, affiliates, radio, TV, direct mail, telemarketing, newspapers, magazines, website optimization, email marketing, mobile marketing, marketing technology, webinars, public relations, trade shows, buying leads, video production and every other way you can get prospects into your funnel.) You continue to test and optimize the advertising and traffic generation against your sales funnel to maximize lead flow and reduce cost. However, even if you have the budget and employees to do this, do you really have the expertise to generate the best return on your budget?

2) You can also pay independent agencies to do the marketing and advertising for you. They develop custom marketing funnels specifically for your business and/or work with your existing sales process. In this case, you are paying for the benefits of marketing, advertising and technological expertise, expected to be better than what you can provide on your own. This can work out well but generally takes a little time to prove itself, even though it should be faster than doing it on your own.

3) For select businesses, you may be able to gain the benefits of option two, but on a pay-for-performance basis. This reduces your risk and increases your marketing partner’s incentives to continue to optimize your sales funnel.

Here at Skyworks Marketing we specialize in the second and third options. We use data science and artificial intelligence to increase ad performance and lower ad costs.

We may use Google, Facebook, television and other ad platforms for certain clients, but only one ad platform for other clients. It boils down to what works best for each business.

If there’s one thing we do emphasize – it’s video. Whether online, on TV, or both, video informs viewer intent.

We especially prize our pay-for-performance partnerships, although such is not available to all businesses.

If you want to find out if your business qualifies as a Skyworks Marketing pay-for-performance partner, visit our Contact page and fill out the application or ask any questions.

We’d love to hear from you.

Does your business qualify for our Pay-for-Performance leads and sales?

Whether your prospects are beach-loving bikini buyers or purchasers for your specialized products or services, Pay-for-Performance means you’re getting the highest return on your marketing and advertising dollars.

Is there anything sexier than that?

We’ve helped one business grow from nothing to over 100 million dollars in the three years through online marketing, direct mail and national TV advertising.

It’s highly unlikely you have ever encountered the type of Pay-for-Performance marketing model that we provide.

Which is why not all who apply will qualify.

We are a unique Pay-for-Performance advertising agency that develops customized sales funnels for businesses and then fills those funnels with prospects via marketing and advertising campaigns to drive more leads and sales to your business.

If you’re a cost-conscious, savvy business leader looking to take your revenue to the next level, then you need to look into how we can serve you.

We offer brief advertising trials for qualifying businesses so that both sides of the potential arrangement can assess the opportunity for a future win-win partnership.

You get real-time prospects and/or sales that are exclusively for your business and no one else.

You get a partner that is simultaneously testing, optimizing and managing all the advertising to keep your funnel full, while constantly seeking new ways to get more prospects into the funnel.

Whether we advertise online for you with Google, Facebook, Amazon, YouTube, LinkedIn or other platforms, we are so confident about our marketing strategy and processes that we’ll support qualified business on a Pay-for-Performance basis.

Furthermore, as the partnership matures and proves itself, you’ll benefit from our offline marketing as well, such as direct mail, print ads, radio and TV.

You’ll even receive ongoing content development, including graphics, articles, videos, TV commercials (when pertinent), and auto email sequences.

And of course starting from Day 1, you’ll receive continuous development of new ads to drive new leads and new sales.

You’ll also benefit from artificial intelligence and data science expertise to help tune your product or service offerings, which will also inform new upsells, cross-sells and new product suggestions to help your business grow much faster and more effectively.

Visit Skyworks Marketing for more information and to find out if you qualify.